• Exceptional Website Design
  • Solid Coding & Programming
  • Hassle-Free Site Maintenance
  • Always-Ready Technical Support
  • Experienced Guidance & Consulting
  • Warm & Friendly Customer Service

Website Design

Our experience has taught us that there are three keys to a successful project: listening to the client’s needs, providing Creative and practical solutions, and managing the project so it goes smoothly.

Listening. We start every project by interviewing the We start every project by interviewing the providing the guidance and structure needed to refine those ideas into a concrete direction

Creating. We provide clients with ideas and options in terms of the look and feel of the site, and the way the site flows. We always design with growth in mind — your site is an investment, and you want something that will last a while.

Managing. Clients often tell us that they thought the design process would be a lot more difficult and time-con-suming. We work hard to the make the process easy for you.

Website Programming

A well-coded website will make a big difference in how your site performs, how easy it is to maintain and build on, and how well it is indexed by the search engines.

When coding and programming our clients’ websites, we bring both experience and foresight to the table: Our skill set includes more than 15 Internet programming languages as well as all of the major database platforms.

We are constantly building new web applications and we maintain more than a hundred websites, so it is our business to stay on top of new technologies, breakthroughs and ideas.

Website Updates

Once you launch your website, the next step is to grow it. Chrein maintains websites for more than 100 clients. We provide fast, reliable, responsive service, and we do the work with vast experience and an eye for detail.

It doesn’t matter if we built your site – or what current platform it’s on – we will take care of it. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, Magento, Shopify – even custom-built. We know how much is riding on your website, and we’re here for you.

Website & Hosting Support

Is your site down and your tech team is MIA? Stumped about what CMS or development platform to choose for your new site? Unsure whether you need custom work or if you can use a pre-built tool? Trouble choosing the right hosting solution for your needs? Need someone to jump on a Zoom to serve as your “resident tech guru”?

Beyond the basic maintenance and updates, sometimes you and your team need more critical design and technical support. Or you might just want to tap into our expertise and experience before making a web/tech-related decision. We’ve been doing this for 25+ years, and we are more than pleased to help make your job easier.

WordPress Preventive Maintenance

Have you ever Googled your business only to discover that your search listing has been taken over by a medication site, or worse? Our WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program is a carefully crafted ongoing service designed to prevent malware attacks and keep your WordPress site running smoothly. Keep your business online, and have peace of mind! Click to learn more about our WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program today!


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