• Web Design & Development

    Our experience has taught us that there are three keys to a successful project: listening to the client’s needs, providing creative and practical solutions, and managing the project so it goes smoothly.

    Listening. We start every project by interviewing the client and taking in their ideas and requirements, and also providing the guidance and structure needed to refine those ideas into a concrete direction.

    Creating. We provide clients with ideas and options in terms of the look and feel of the site, and the way the site flows. We always design with growth in mind — your site is an investment, and you want something that will last a while.

    Managing. Clients often tell us that they thought the design process would be a lot more difficult and time-consuming. We work hard to the make the process easy for you.

  • Web Programming &
    Application Development

    Ah, the joy of clean code… A well-coded website will make a big difference in how your site performs, how easy it is to maintain and build on, and how well it is indexed by the search engines.

    When coding and programming our clients’ websites, we bring both experience and foresight to the table:

    Experience: Our skill set includes more than 15 Internet programming languages (ASP, ASP.NET, C, C++, ColdFusion, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, JSP, JavaScript, PERL, PHP, VB, VB.NET, XML), as well as all of the major database platforms (dBase, Filemaker, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle).

    Foresight: We are constantly building new web applications and we maintain more than a hundred websites, so it is our business to stay on top of new technologies, breakthroughs and ideas.

  • Website Maintenance

    Once you launch your website, the next step is to keep it updated, and to grow it as your needs and goals change. While some companies have the staff and ability to maintain their own sites, many would rather stick to what they do best — and let someone else handle the web work

    Chrein.com maintains websites for more than 100 clients. We provide fast, reliable, responsive service, and we do the work with intelligence and an eye for detail. Simply send us an email or give us a call; we will make the requested changes quickly, and we will be here to revise and tweak the updates, as needed.

    It doesn’t matter if we built your site — we maintain sites for many clients who could not get the service they needed from their web developers.

    We know how much is riding on your website. So when it comes to maintaining and updating your site, trust it to Chrein.com.

  • Mobile Application
    Design & Development

    Chrein.com helps clients conceive, plan and develop mobile applications – from consumer apps to mission-critical business tools. Our expertise includes development for the iPad, iPhone and Android, as well general mobile website design and programming.

    If you have a business idea that will live in the mobile space, or you want to expand your web presence to include the latest mobile technologies, we’re ready to help you move forward.

    And… we are in the process of developing our own amazing app – a native mobile app for iOS and Android that lets users then interpret their world in a visual way, and then share and interact with fellow visual thinkers. That’s all we’re saying for now!

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media may not seem like serious business — but it can be your ticket to better search engine placement, more visibility online, and more business. Chrein.com can help make social media marketing simple and effective, with our Social Media Toolkit. The Social Media Toolkit includes:

    Blog. We will set up an easy-to-use WordPress blog on your web hosting server where you can post news, articles, and other “fresh” content. The blog will be customized to have a look and feel that matches your current website.

    Social Media Account Set-up. We will create a Twitter account, a Facebook Fan Page and a Linked-in Group for Arrow, with your logo, a designed background (Twitter) and banner (Facebook) to match the look/feel of your website.

    Connecting Everything. We will connect your blog to your Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in accounts, so that your posts are automatically posted and available on these other outlets.

  • Online Advertising &
    Search Engine Marketing

    Chrein.com creates, implements and monitors online advertising campaigns for clients and budgets of all sizes. Whether you want a limited AdWords effort or a widespread online branding splash, Chrein.com offers creativity, expert guidance and unparalleled support.

    Pay-per-Click. When it comes to managing pay-per-click campaigns, our goal is to always get the most bang for your buck. We make use of all extensive research, constant monitoring and all available tools to keep an eye on the cost-effectiveness of your campaign. And we make recommendations for modifying, rethinking and even ending campaigns that don’t deliver.

    Banners and Branding. Effective banner ads don’t just need to grab the eye, they need to grab the right eyes and take them to a place on your website where they can take action. We work closely with clients to determine their advertising needs, and recommend solutions that match their goals and their budgets.

  • Email Marketing

    When handled properly, an ongoing email marketing campaign can be the most effective and least expensive means available to sell products, publicize events, disseminate news and generally reach out to partners, members, donors and other target groups.

    Chrein.com currently provides email marketing services to dozens of clients. Our work includes creating online newsletters, producing events flyers and registration forms, and helping clients jump on top of breaking news items to market a related service.

    As veterans in both journalism and the web, we bring a wealth of insight and expertise to any email marketing effort. We make sure our clients stay in strict compliance with anti-spam regulations, and we closely monitor email lists and registrations to keep everything above board.

    The result is — results! And our client see them instantly with each email blast.

  • Website Idea Testing

    Many people have great ideas for websites, but very few of those ideas turn into successful web-based businesses. To succeed, the website that you envision must be a carefully and intelligently thought-out enterprise, so that the product will be something that people can use, and want to use.

    Chrein.com can help turn your web-based business idea into a reality. We’re thorough, knowledgeable and, most of all, candid — if the idea won’t work, or there is overwhelming competition, we’ll let you know.

    Our idea testing service includes:

    • Defining the broad purpose of the site and your target market
    • Researching and identifying competitor websites
    • Identifying the technology needed for the site
    • Defining the type of design that will appeal to the target market
    • Delivering the final detailed report of our findings
  • Print Design

    Before the web came along, Chrein.com was a print design shop. We still produce print designs and oversee printing, often as a supplement to online marketing work we do for our clients — but in many cases as a stand-alone effort.

    With our background in journalism, we are often called upon to both write and design newsletters, brochures, flyers, corporate identity kits, logo design and other print materials. And with our knowledge and connections in the printing business, we are able to provide access to high-quality printing services at reasonable prices.

    In recent months, several clients with printed newsletters have come to us to bring their publications online — something that makes full use of all our skills in this area. It takes an intimate knowledge of both the print and web worlds to successfully translate something that was “tangible” into something electronic.

  • Video Production

    With video, your company can open up a wide range of marketing possibilities. You can capture and convey intricate concepts, bring users to an event or presentation with the click of a button, and generally make your marketing efforts more entertaining.

    Chrein.com produces video presentations for business, the arts, non-profit groups and individuals. Our work is always professional, high quality and reasonably priced.

    Some recent videos:

    • Trailer: ‘The End of the Line’
    • Trailer: ‘The Interconnected World’

Collaborate on Your Agency’s Next Project

Chrein.com handles web design, programming, coding, hosting and other services for
several marketing firms, ad agencies — and even other web developers. Depending on the
partnering agency’s needs, we can either work “in the background” as part of their team,
or we can handle some or all client contact. We can take meetings with our partners’
clients, serving as their “in-house” or “special” web experts. Whatever it takes to get the job
done and meet our partners’ needs. We consistently provide the same level of of service to
our partners’ clients as do to our own. This has resulted in satisfying long-term collaboration
relationships with several agencies, and dozens of successful projects.

Chrein.com has been serving clients’ web design and
development, online and print marketing and advertising,
print brochure and direct mail design, and video production
needs since 1995. We bring a wealth of experience to the
table, and we always keep an eye on what is coming next.