Our Small Part in Saving the Earth

Chrein.com is proud to be one of many forward-thinking partners and participants who are helping the “Mother Earth Project” – an “An Environment-Saving Global Initiative, Celebrating and Certifying Sustainability”. The project is focused on celebrating and certifying the small and large tasks each of us take to recycle, save energy, minimize pollution, and reduce our carbon footprint. The hope is by creating a greater collective awareness, we will accelerate the activities necessary to save the environment, and preserve the planet for future generations.

Mother Earth Project is spearheaded by our friend and long-time client, Barton Rubenstein of Rubenstein Studios in Maryland. Barton, an internationally renowned sculptor and public artist, created the “Mother Earth” award – a monumental five-meter high sculpture/award with the likeness of the human profile. This award is conceived as a way to incentivize countries to participate in stopping and reversing climate change, and thus preserve the environment. The idea is that each participating country will place the Mother Earth Award in their capital city, showing their commitment to this cause and as a symbol of solidarity.

Barton also runs the “Humans of Mother Earth” page on Instagram, where he celebrates the achievements and efforts – large and small- of people who want to help the Earth. Please visit, follow and, if you are inspired, participate!

Up on the Farm

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.
-Dwight D Eisenhower.

It was a beautiful autumn Sunday at Crossroads Farm in Malverne, NY, where Chrein.com founder Lloyd Chrein volunteered as part of a hard-working crew at the annual Fall Festival, on October 16, 2016. A record crowd enjoyed live music, hayrides, a petting zoo and pumpkin painting – as well as local craft beer, and fresh farm goods in the farm stand. The event raised thousands of dollars for the non-profit farm.

Crossroads is a five-acre certified-organic farm located on Long Island just a few miles from the New York City line. It was owned and operated by the Grossman family for generations, before it was saved from condo development by the Nassau Land Trust. Its land now produces a bounty of organic crops, and it serves as a learning center for local students, and gathering spot for families and residents of all ages.

We are proud to support Crossroads Farm, as well as other causes that help the environment, and protect our health and well-being.

Photo caption: Lloyd Chrein (right) with Crossroads volunteer Beth Summerhayes, and NY State Senator Todd Kaminsky.

Here Comes the (Screenplay) Judge

For the fifth consecutive year, Lloyd Chrein has proudly served as a screenplay judge for the prestigious Austin Film Festival. This year, Lloyd critiqued nine original screenplays, written by screenwriters from around the world. Several of Lloyd’s recommendations made it into the final judging, which will take place at the festival, in Austin, Texas, from October 13 – 20, 2016.

Among Lloyd’s favorites were “The Circle Game”, a “singular love story”. Lloyd’s comment: “By far the best script I read this year – original, refreshing, smart, incisive, touching, moving. A superbly crafted story. You MUST move this into the next round!!” Another standout was the thriller “Bush Baby Summer”, of which Lloyd said, “The writer has assembled a strong and diverse ensemble of characters here. This would be a break out opportunity for a selection of young, male actors.”

Look out for both (hopefully, someday) in a theater near you!

Don’t Fear the Scroll

The conventional wisdom in website design used to be that people don’t like to scroll down the page. The mantra was “keep it above the fold” – a term borrowed from the newspaper biz, where editors place the most important stories at the top of the front page.

That’s not the case anymore, at least in web design. And we have mobile devices to thank (or blame, if you prefer) for it. Phones have small screens, and scrolling is part of the deal – plus, it’s just a swipe of a finger on a phone or tablet. This forced web developers to rethink the user experience, and it became vertical.

This shift to vertical ushered in elements like the “sticky nav” (where a minimized version of the top navigation bar stays on screen as you scroll down) and the “hamburger menu” (the stacked horizontal-bar nav icon). These and other elements became part of “responsive design” – where the website interface rearranges and resizes so you can view it in an optimal way on a mobile device.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was another factor in this shift to scrolling. Back in the day, it used to be okay to have a way-cool Flash animation as the only feature on your home page. Over the years, Google changed all that – with its bots seeking out relevant, and fresh, content on your home page. So developers sought to place keyword-rich text and properly tagged headings and images.

And larger desktop screens also played a part. There was simply more real estate to fill, presenting options and challenges. Couple that with the need to design so that the large desktop view can elegantly size down to an attractive and usable mobile view. There’s a lot going on!

The net effect is that today’s websites fill the screen and they scroll. Users have come to know and expect that more content lies below. So when thinking about the look and user interface of your next website… don’t fear the scroll!

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