Latest to Launch: Hampshire House

Hampshire House is a luxury, landmark residential cooperative on Manhattan’s Central Park South. created the original website for the building in 2006, redesigned the site in 2009, and just launched the latest website, in September 2017. The new interface is in keeping with the building’s high-end, high-profile image. The website includes a customized WordPress CMS and a custom back-end administration system for brokers to post and manage apartment listings.

Please visit the new Hampshire House website at:

Talking Social Media with the Chamber

We had the pleasure of being the presenters at a “Lunch & Learn” event held by the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce. With 30 of our fellow Chamber members present, president Lloyd Chrein, along with local social media expert Michael Davies, discussed the why’s and how’s of website development, and the tricks of running a successful social media campaign.

Our goal was to demystify websites and online marketing, making it accessible for the mostly small- and medium-sized businesses that comprise the Chamber’s membership. And we succeeded! As one member aptly stated: “Ah, now I get it!”

Helping Clients Weather a Natural Disaster

Over the past two weeks, two of our long-time clients and friends found themselves directly in the path of Hurricane Irma. We were grateful to be able to help them get through the storm and the aftermath in ways that we could.

Blanchards Restaurant (, located on the beautiful island of Anguilla, was directly in the path of this massive and powerful hurricane. The island was devastated. Melinda and Bob Blanchard contacted as soon as they could, and we sprang into action to set up a donation page. We worked with their longtime designer, Denise Cupoli to code, program and establish links to the page. We then set up a Google AdWords campaign for “Anguilla Hurricane Relief”. And we continued to work with Mel to respond to any questions that people had when making donations. The result: Blanchards raised more than $500,000 to help rebuild Anguilla. They began using the money to purchase and import generators.

To contribute to the Blanchards Hurricane Relief fund, please Click Here.

HLB Gravier (, an accounting company located in Miami, FL, was put out of commission during the storm. We stayed in constant contact with managing partner Lenny Gravier, posting updates on the site for his employees and clients. His office building finally opened on Thursday, September 14. We then posted a pop-up news alert instructing clients that “The IRS Gives Tax Relief to Victims of Hurricane Irma” – a big relief to people in the area who need to concentrate on putting their lives and their homes back together.

Our best wishes go out to everyone affected by the storm.

Tips for Increasing Clicks (and Calls)

When we help a client plan and design a new website, the big goals are generally to make the site mobile responsive and search-engine friendly. But there are a couple of more subtle considerations that can make a big difference – and can translate into more clicks, calls and new business.

Clear Calls-To-Action
Some website visitors like to explore – to delve into a few of your top pages and perhaps beyond. Others come to get your contact info and get out. And still others look for direction. They gaze at your site and then ask themselves, “What next?”

The answer is a clear “Call-to-Action”. A big button, for example, that says “Contact Us Now” or “Speak to a Representative”. These turn window-shoppers into buyers. So make sure you use buttons on your pages to prompt visitors to click-through. Use them throughout your site to help guide visitors to what they should do next.

Visual Hierarchy

Newspapers (and news sites) put the big news up top – “above the fold” (or “above the scroll”) – and the lesser stuff down below. This lets readers know what the editors think is most important. It also grabs attention, and “sells” the news (and the newspapers).

The same principal applies to your website. It’s why most website home pages these days feature a “hero” image or slider and the top, generally with large call-out headlines and links. It lets visitors know what is most important – whether it’s a key service you provide, or a recent accomplishment you want to promote.

Consider applying this principal on all pages of your site – using large, clear headlines and top paragraphs that clearly describe the focal point of the page. And remember: clarity = comfort = clicks! has been serving clients’ web design and
development, online and print marketing and advertising,
print brochure and direct mail design, and video production
needs since 1995. We bring a wealth of experience to the
table, and we always keep an eye on what is coming next.