The WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program: Spread the Word!

Our Wordpress Preventive Maintenance Program has been one of the best ideas I've had in business, and so far it has given more than 70 of our clients peace of mind - knowing that their websites will stay online and remain malware-free. Like many good ideas, the Wordpress Preventive Maintenance Program arose from a clear and common problem: when the software and plugin versions on Wordpress websites are not updated, the site becomes vulnerable to infiltration by any number of bots and other attackers on the web. But when things are updated regularly, and the site is constantly monitored and protected by state-of-the-art software, you have nothing to fear. We introduced the Wordpress Preventive Maintenance Program two years ago, and to date we've only provided the service to our clien…  

Latest to Launch: Lynbrook Police Department

The Lynbrook Police Department currently has 50 sworn police officers, 3 Police Communication Operators, 17 Part-Time School Crossing Guards, 3 full-time Neighborhood Aides (Parking Enforcement), 4 part-time Neighborhood Aides, 2 Traffic Control Assistants and 2 Clerks. Chief Brian Paladino came to Chrein.com on the recommendation of the Incorporated Village of Lynbrook, also a Chrein client. We helped the department to organize the large amount of information on its site, and create a web presence that tells the story of the department and, most importantly, provides Lynbrook residents with quick, easy access to the police department information they need. …  

Lloyd Chrein Pens Article for NAHC Newsletter

Harking back to his days as a journalist, Chrein president Lloyd Chrein has published an article in the Fall 20201 issue of Cooperative Housing Quarterly. The article, "Social Media is for Cooperative Boards, Too", is a primer on for cooperative housing boards of directors on best practices for using social media. It highlights the benefits, and warns of the pitfalls, as boards look into creating a social media strategy for their buildings. The newsletter is published by the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, a long-time Chrein client - one that is currently engaged in a website redesign and development project with our agency! …  

Latest to Launch: Automatic Industries

Automatic Industries is the only “woman-owned” laundry route operator in New York, run by Denise Savino, the daughter of the company's founder. Automatic has been a Chrein.com client for more than a decade, and this is the second-generation website we have created for the company. We also maintain and support the website, making sure it stays looking good and performing at its peak. …  


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