Our WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program has been one of the best ideas I’ve had in business, and so far it has given more than 70 of our clients peace of mind – knowing that their websites will stay online and remain malware-free.

Like many good ideas, the WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program arose from a clear and common problem: when the software and plugin versions on WordPress websites are not updated, the site becomes vulnerable to infiltration by any number of bots and other attackers on the web. But when things are updated regularly, and the site is constantly monitored and protected by state-of-the-art software, you have nothing to fear.

We introduced the WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program two years ago, and to date we’ve only provided the service to our clients – people who know and trust us to provide professional, reliable, expert service.

Now we’re reaching out to offer the WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program to all WordPress website owners. So if you have a WordPress website, or you know someone who does, please reach out to us to learn more. You will be happy that you did!

For more information and to contact us, please see the WordPress Preventive Maintenance Program landing page at https://www.chrein.com/prevent-malware/.

We’ve freshened up our name and our look – and we’re proud to show it to the world! Back in the day, we thought it was important to have the “dot-com” at the end of our name, if only to let people know we were a true, pioneering web-based business. Twenty-five years later, we think people no longer need the reminder. So – please just call us Chrein!

A hearty thanks to our creative and dedicated team for helping with the effort. Kudos to Monica Orto for understanding and interpreting Lloyd’s vision for the design – she absolutely nailed it! Thank you to our development team for crafting all the elegant scripting that gives the website its “pulse”. And thank you to Madeleine and Peter and the rest of the team for helping all the time, with everything!

If you’d like a fresh, new look for your business, please get in touch!

(And in case you were wondering… Chrein (Lloyd’s last name) means “horseradish” in Yiddish – always a handy thing to know!)

Chrein.com founder and president, Lloyd Chrein, was elected to the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, during the annual meeting held January 8, 2019. Chrein.com, which is located in Lynbrook, has been an active member of the Chamber for the past two years, and helped to develop the Chamber’s new website, at lynbrookusa.com.. As a member of the board, Lloyd will help to enhance the Chamber’s marketing efforts, and increase its use of technology to serve the needs of all local businesses. In the photo, Lloyd (left) is being presented with a citation from Nassau County Legislator C. William Gaylor III.

We had the pleasure of being the presenters at a “Lunch & Learn” event held by the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce. With 30 of our fellow Chamber members present, Chrein.com president Lloyd Chrein, along with local social media expert Michael Davies, discussed the why’s and how’s of website development, and the tricks of running a successful social media campaign.

Our goal was to demystify websites and online marketing, making it accessible for the mostly small- and medium-sized businesses that comprise the Chamber’s membership. And we succeeded! As one member aptly stated: “Ah, now I get it!”