We’ve freshened up our name and our look – and we’re proud to show it to the world! Back in the day, we thought it was important to have the “dot-com” at the end of our name, if only to let people know we were a true, pioneering web-based business. Twenty-five years later, we think people no longer need the reminder. So – please just call us Chrein!

A hearty thanks to our creative and dedicated team for helping with the effort. Kudos to Monica Orto for understanding and interpreting Lloyd’s vision for the design – she absolutely nailed it! Thank you to our development team for crafting all the elegant scripting that gives the website its “pulse”. And thank you to Madeleine and Peter and the rest of the team for helping all the time, with everything!

If you’d like a fresh, new look for your business, please get in touch!

(And in case you were wondering… Chrein (Lloyd’s last name) means “horseradish” in Yiddish – always a handy thing to know!)